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Ancient Ruins

Be like the ocean... Breathtaking to look at... Strong enough to not be destroyed...
And gentle enough so others find comfort in your presence.

Meet Beverly

 Inspiring you to find joy in the work place!

Beverly is from the great state of Mississippi! She has many years of leadership in the Paraoptometric Profession. She has spent the last 14 yrs traveling and sharing her talents with others. 


One thing Beverly often shares is a lesson her dad taught her, that is always leave things better than you found them. This is very important in the workplace. The value of finding workplace joy has no cap on it. We are all in control of our own JOY. Making a difference in the lives of others is the most satisfying part of that joy. 


Join her at a meeting, online class, or by watching her morning videos. It is time to choose to make a difference.

Beverly Roberts of Breakfast With Beverly


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Let's get Joy!

Let Beverly help you find joy in your workplace!

Book a class, workshop, or personal appearance with Beverly, send an email to

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