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Are you a Duck or an Eagle?

I read a story once about a taxi driver; you may have heard this. He was like most taxi drivers and rushed from one place to the next. He was rude with his customers and short-tempered every time someone got into his taxi. Always barking orders, slamming doors, and fussing about the weight of every suitcase. The traffic was always his excuse for being late and the weather never made him happy. He wanted to be the best taxi driver around but did not want to put in the work to become the best. He had this false idea that doing the same work as all the other drivers could make him better than them.

One day as he drove a businessman to the airport, the man asked him a simple question. “Are you a duck or an eagle?” The taxi driver did not understand the question at first. Why would this nice, well-dressed man be asking such a ridiculous question? The businessman told him to think hard about the question because the answer could make a difference in the world!

The taxi driver wanted to find the answer to the question. So, he researched to see just what the characteristics of an eagle and a duck would be. This is what he found out.


The eagle has strong feet, a good vision that allows them to see about 50 miles away. Eagles are fearless and never give up on their prey. This type of vision builds leaders and develops a drive to accomplish great things. The eagle is full of life and never gives up.

The duck is small in stature and very noisy. They quack all the time. There are many breeds of ducks


so they can be invasive. They also can create a mess if too many are in one area. But the problematic thing about a duck is the constant quacking. Relating this to us, the constant quacking is like someone who constantly complains. It seems like some people are never content in any situation. Someone or something always has them upset and they make a loud quacking noise.

Very quickly the taxi driver understood the businessman’s question and realized he was being a duck! He was always quacking and complaining along with his taxi driver friends. He decided that day to make a change and become a beautiful eagle. He cleaned his taxi spotless, had shiny clean business cards made, and added an option for drinks in his taxi. But most of all he changed the way he treated his passengers. He opened the door for everyone that got in his car. He offered water, coffee, and drinks to his passengers. He had soothing music playing and as they settled in his car he asked if the temperature was comfortable for them. He decided to make a difference in the lives of each person that rode with him in every way possible that was in his control. And he did! He became the soaring eagle in his profession. Many passengers called for him to pick them up each time they came into town. He also met his goal of becoming the best taxi driver around!

How about you? What do you choose to be? Now is a perfect time to choose to soar like an eagle and stop quacking like a duck!


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