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Do you dance in the mornings?

Mornings start in a variety of ways for so many of us. Most people are creatures of habit, doing the same things each morning. For example, some have small kids who often dictate how the morning may go. For some, it takes getting to work before the workday starts. For me, I have my normal routine for sure, but added to the normal morning routine is a little dancing.

When my kids all lived at home, I woke them each morning with a song. I would sing “rise and

shine and give God the glory” and keep singing until I woke them all up. I have 5 kids so that

took a bit of time. Now they are all grown so I have exchanged my singing for dancing.

The rule goes like this: You must dance a little in the mornings before you leave the house

because it changes the way you walk out into the world!

When the children were very young, I would be getting ready for work and my babies were

always close by helping. Then on Saturday I would not get up and put on make-up and fix my

hair, all the things I normally would do to get ready for work. One Saturday I was sitting on the

couch with my son, he was about 4 years old at the time, and he looked up at me and said,

“Mama, I like it when you are just Plain Jane Mama.” I laughed about that at the time. It was

cute and funny, but it was also thought-provoking.

There is a time for Plain Jane Mama and there is a time to present yourself in a more

professional way. When and how to do this depends on you and what you want the outcome to


How we present ourselves is everything. Statistics tell us that those we meet sum us up in the

first three seconds they are with us. That isn’t long, so it is important that we always represent

the character that we want to be known by.

What would you want someone to think about you in the first three seconds of meeting you?

Remember, they can’t see or know what is inside of you during those first three seconds. We

must be sure our outside matches the desires of our inside. No one can “unsee” what they

observe during those first three seconds.

The most essential thing in dance is discipline and devotion. So, it makes sense that we would

start out being devoted to a successful day. How we start our morning sets the pace for

discipline for the rest of the day.

Dance a little foot dance on your way to the car, into the office, or as you enter through the

office door, dance all the way to your desk chair. What a difference that could make in your

day! Not only for you but for others around you.

There is an old Native American proverb that says, “To watch us dance is to hear our

heartbeat.” I just love that thought!

The job of the feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing. So, engage in that hobby BIG…. Do it

right, and do it in style!

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