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"Get To" vs "Have To"


We GET to do so many things in our life. We GET to do chores around the house, we GET to go to the grocery, we GET to make dinner, we GET to go to work, just to name a few. I know often those are things we feel like we HAVE to do. So today I want us to consider another way of thinking: Do we GET to, or do we HAVE to do those things?

When we GET something, it is often a gift or a surprise or something exciting. When we think about something we HAVE to do, it feels like it’s forced or that we have no choice in the matter. For example, we had kids, so we HAVE to feed them, for example. This is where your perception and manner of thinking make a big difference. We can think, “I GET to” do something, or we can think, “I HAVE to” do something.

If we are of the “HAVE to” mindset, then let’s take a closer look and see if any of these really is a “HAVE to”. There are very few, if any, things in life that we HAVE to do. The choice is up to us whether we GET to do all these things. I am going to give you a few examples and I want you to think about your own life. Think of three things right now that you feel you HAVE to do on a daily basis.

We HAVE to wash the dishes, take the kids to ball practice, pay bills, go to work, get married, buy a car, save money, etc. This list can go on and on. What’s on your list? Take those 3 things and replace the words “HAVE to” to “GET to”. We GET to wash dishes because we have a home to live in, we GET to go to ball practice because we are blessed to be a parent, we GET to pay a bill because we have a car, we GET to be married because we found our soulmate, we GET to save money because we have a job. That list can go on and on too!

If we simply change our “HAVE to’s”, to “GET to’s”, I wonder how our lives would change and how the lives of those around us would change as well.

Now think a little bigger. What if you took the “GET to” into your workplace? Everything becomes I GET to instead of I HAVE to. Your co-workers could catch on and the whole work environment can become a “GET to” type of place. What a dynamic change that would be!

We will be looking at what effect the HAVE to has on the workplace. Join me on YouTube to learn more about how we GET to make a difference in the lives of so many people.


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