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What makes a smile?

Have you ever looked up the meaning of the word smile?... We all know how to smile. We all have smiles… we all want to smile at times anyway. Maybe not when we are mad... We all like to give away a smile... we want to be known for having a smile... I am sure most all of these describe you!

So back to the meaning of a smile. Google defines it this way: “a pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed” Wow! That is such a good definition it made me smile… I hope as you read that you tried it to see if it worked for you. If not, then try it now!

Smiling is a necessary part of our physical and emotional makeup. It has such healing connected to it. It changes us mentally and emotionally.

I am from the south and we do smile a lot at everybody. Even behind the mask that we wear. You can still see those cheekbones rise and the change in our eyes as your face smiles. A smile brings joy to the giver and receiver. It is like giving a gift year-round.

Just like the smile, we also have a healing about us. We are the core of the atmosphere in our workspace. Yes, our workspace! Workspace is filled by each employee that works there. Each person has a choice to define their workspace. You can bring a smile, (the healing component) or a frown.

Let’s define frown so we can make an educated choice. The definition of frown is “a facial expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration. Typically, with the corners of the mouth turned down.” Did you try that as you read it? I couldn’t help myself. I did try it. It definitely did not bring me joy or healing.

As we talk about the workplace, my goal is to bring topics to fill your personal space and your workspace with thoughts and ideas to create a positive work environment. As you begin to fill your space with positivity, those around you will be changed as well. All of this can and will happen by making a simple choice. We will continue to discuss these things so stay tuned and join me on YouTube also.


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